Product Description

RIZOLIN is self-adhesive, waterproof roofing material on the basis of firm reinforcing fiberglass cloth impregnated with bitumen and polymeric composition with specific admixtures improving its characteristics. Thanks to the glass fabric in the quality of armature and the special bitumen and polymeric composition Rizolin has high physical and mechanical properties that provide waterproofing, heat and noise insulation, life duration and flexibility. This allows to apply Rizolin not only on even surfaces but also in hard-to-reach places, make the repairing and laying in the area of any size and apply the technology of strip technique repairing.

There are two kinds of Rizolin:

1) «Rizolin FSa and FSc» - is a rolled material with a self-adhesive layer from one side and aluminum or copper foil from the outer side. It is used for outside surfaces like roofs, ventilation pipes and tanks. A foiled surface of the material increases the covering protection from UV-radiation in several times and guarantees a long term of exploitation (more than 20 years).

The foiled surface of RIZOLIN can be coloured by regular synthetic paints of any colour you wish.


Item Unit 

Thickness mm. 2 + 0,5
Breaking strength, not less N/5сm 800

Adhesion strength, not less

from steel surface

from concrete surface

from wooden surface






Thermal resistance 2 hours in upright position °С +60
Radius of curvature (25+-2)mm °С -25
Water sorption, not more % 1
Operating temperature °С from -50 till + 60
Vapor resistance, not more mg/(m*h*Pa) not more than 30
Water resistance at the pressure not less 0,2MPa during 24hours   absolute

Upper layer - aluminum or copper foil (30micron), lower layer - anti-adhesive paper/film.


Rizolin advantages:

Ecologically clean Cold laying High tenslle strength Any weather Insulation

Buying some construction materials each of us would like them to be not only reliable, long-life and safe but also have reasonable price and most importantly easy to apply. Rizolin the roll, waterproof roofing material meets all these requirements. This is an innovative, high-tech material which took the place of old melting bitumen and polymeric materials, and thanks to a special composition it can be adhered to any surface. Fireless method of application is the main advantage of Rizolin which allows using it for roofing.

Comparing with similar materials Rizolin wins thanks to the thing that no special additional expansive equipment is required in its easy application. For Rizolin cutting you will need only a stationary knife for cutting out, a roller for attaching it to a base and instruments for surface dust removal for example a garden vacuum.Rizolin assembling is carried out at an average temperature of +15 C. It should be laid with a 5-10cm overlap onto a dry, clean surface. During the process it is enough to remove the release paper or film, attach to a surface and roll down with a roller. In pipe isolation Rizolin is laid in 1-2 layers if necessary, spirally overlapping at each turn. Rizolin is exploited at the outside temperature from – 50ºC till +60ºC.