Method of Application

Rizolin is laid with 5-10 cm overlap onto a dry clean surface. In placing the material it is enough to take off the release paper or film, attach to a surface and roll it down with a roller.

In pipe isolation Rizolin should be laid in 1-2 layers if necessary in a spiral manner with overlap at each turnover.

Rizolin is used at an ambient temperature from -50 to +60 C.

Rizolin should be placed at a temperature for Rizolin higher than +15 C;

At lower temperatures the material has to be heated a little in the places of joining. The further process of adhesion to the surface is developing under the influence of sun beams.

For work performance with Rizolin appliance no high qualification of workers is required.

The easiness of operations has a highly economic effect:

  • Reducing of time for assembling works and labor costs (repairing time for 100 sq. m by two workers is 1 hour);
  • Workers with lower qualification could be invited at a lower price;
  • No costs and efforts for the preparation of a surface;
  • The material supply can be made in the shortest terms and in any amount;
  • Rizolin roofing material appliance reduces a number of layers in roofing in comparison with traditional asphalt felt. This provides a decrease of material consumption for roofing no less then to 30%.
Rizolin laying technology is rather simple and includes the following stages:           
1.Rolling out and measuring at a place. 2.Laying onto a prepared surface. 3.Rolling down the material with a roller.