RIZOLIN provides reliability, strength, long service life, ease of use and high quality

RIZOLIN is a flexible self-adhesive material, made on the base of reinforcing textile impregnated with bituminous-polymeric mixture with target additions, which provide better running ability, with anti-adhesion (separating) layer and which help to secure its unique qualities and to extend the field of its application.

A wide range of up-to-date building technologies and materials exists on the market nowadays. The progress claims for secure and effective materials, which are easy to use and ecologically clean. We aim at all times to ensure our customers’ maximal comfort, reliability and security. Our customers are:

  • end-consumers (owners of roofs, foundations etc.)
  • people who use our material to help with everything (builders and repairmen)
  • designers
  • representatives of trading organizations

The surveys among different groups of potential consumers were conducted to obtain data we can rely on developing our business strategies. All the consumers’ responses, preferences and comments were taken into consideration. Due to our work we got RIZOLIN, a material, which solves the tasks set: simply, clearly and reliably.

The base of the material is a glass fibre which ensures strength, endurance and reliability.

A special polymer-bitumen composition which is applied to a reinforcement layer of glass fibre guarantees the highest quality standards of the material and perfect agglutination to any surfaces and among themselves.

RIZOLIN is supplied in rolls which are ten meters long and one meter wide ensuring huge benefits during transportation, use, storage and placement.

The main distinguishing feature and uniqueness of RIZOLIN is its new SELF-ADHESIVE insulation material! There is no need for specialized equipment while assembling, thorough clean-up and preparation of the surface, additional diluted solutions and use of fire while placement operations. The absence of any accompanying equipment allows to work with RIZOLIN within closed location and bounded areas, for example, small roofing with complicated configuration, low basement, ground floor, balcony, bathroom, narrow trench, etc. RIZOLIN is ecologically clean, reliable and safe. Special training and skills are not required to use RIZOLIN. All you will need is a knife to cut the material, a brush to clean up the surface and a roller to fix RIZOLIN to the surface.

The field of RIZOLIN application varies widely. It can be used on steel, wooden, and concrete surfaces, for metal roofing or soft roofing, in pools and foundations, on metallic pipelines and tankages.

RIZOLIN is used under the temperatures from 20°C below zero to 60°C above zero.

Product description

INTEREST PARITY plays an essential role in regulations of relationships between consumers and manufacturers.

Standards of the product, its reliability, strength, long service life, ease of use should be of the highest quality. At the same time the price should be reasonable.

We follow these principles while accomplishing our goals and interests. Strength and operating tests of our material RIZOLIN (by time and extreme operating conditions), results of evaluations and tests conducted by relevant authorities on the territory of the EU and other countries, consumers’ responses and the growing interest in our material prove that we are on the right way to proceed.

Many of available self-adhesive materials have not been ideally suited to achieving reliable results… until now. RIZOLIN is a completely new generation of self-adhesive materials which successfully competes in the hi-tech material market and industry. The secret lies in the special material’s composition which helps to achieve exceptional adhesive strength on any surfaces. The main advantage of RIZOLIN is that there is no need to use fire while placement operations and it allows to use it at enterprises of high fire risk:

  • petrochemical industry,
  • textile industry,
  • pulp and paper industry.

RIZOLIN is irreplaceable while emergency  repair-and-renewal operations, soft roofing and its repair; metal roofing repair; anti-radon insulation of buildings, vapor sealing and hydraulic insulation of concrete, wooden, metal and other surfaces; corrosion protection of metal pipelines and tankages, etc.

The results of the comparative analysis showed that the price of RIZOLIN used to 1 m² was much cheaper than of any other similar materials existing on the market.

The results of official researches and tests prove effectiveness, safety and reliability of our material.

Our participation in different exhibitions and international forums proves that the use of our material is of great interest to our customers and partnership firms.


RIZOLIN is a flexible self-adhesive material, made on the base of glass fibre impregnated with bituminous-polymeric mixture with target additions, which provide its better running ability. Due to the glass fibre reinforcement and special bituminous-polymeric mixture, RIZOLIN has high physical-chemical properties which guarantee water tightness, thermal and noise insulation, durability and flexibility. It makes the use of RIZOLIN possible on the surfaces of different types and complexity: not only on flat surfaces but also in hard-to-reach places while repair and placement in any areas. And tt allows using patch and repairing technologies.
RIZOLIN is the first aid for your roofs!

RIZOLIN FSa and FSm is a material covered with a self-adhesive layer on one side and aluminum and copper foil on the upper side and sold in rolls. It is used on external surfaces of roofs, pipes, ventilation, tankages. Its foiled surface helps to increase the resistance of coating to ultraviolet radiation in several times and guarantees a long lasting life time (20 years and above).

Compared to the similar materials RIZOLIN wins with its irrefutable advantages due to the absence of the necessity of special expensive supplementary equipment while assembling and ease of use. For assembling you will need only a knife to cut the material, a roller to fix the material to the surface and a tool to clean up the surface: e.g. a brush or a garden vacuum cleaner.  The temperature needed for assembling RIZOLIN is above +15ºC. It is laid in lapping techniques by a 5-10 centimeter thick layer on a dry clean surface. While assembling it is enough to remove the dividing anti-adhesive paper or tape, to place the material to the surface and to fix it with a roller. While the pipe insulation one or two layers are laid, if necessary in spiral lapping techniques at each round. RIZOLIN is used under the temperatures from -50°C below zero to 60°C above zero. Thus it is ideal almost for any climate conditions.

If necessary it is possible to apply a paint of any colour on the foiled surface of RIZOLIN.

“RIZOLIN” As is a double sided self-adhesive material sold in rolls. Our material is ideal for hydraulic insulation of foundations, pools, balconies, loggias, drainage systems, basements; reinforced concrete and metal tankages; inner vapor insulation of assembly junctions; inter-storey insulation of buildings; insulation of yielded walls, joints, air ducts. Due to high adhesion to steel surfaces our material performs well while hydraulic insulation of parts of underground and ground pipelines, block valves, heating pipelines and of other technological equipment.

  • RIZOLIN®  A-15 – in rolls with both sides adhesive; minimal outside temperature while application +15°C;
  • RIZOLIN®  A-5 – in rolls with both sides adhesive; minimal outside temperature while application +5°C.

  • RIZOLIN®  F-15 – in rolls with one side adhesive and aluminium foil on the surface; minimal outside temperature while application +15°C;
  • RIZOLIN®  F-15 – in rolls with one side adhesive and aluminium foil on the surface; minimal outside temperature while application +5°.




Standard norm



from 1,5 to 2,5

Tensile strength, min



Adhesion strength, min



Heat-resistance for 2 hours in upright position



Flexibility on beam (radius = 25 ± 2 mm)



Absorbent capability, max



Operation temperature


from -50 to +60