Electric insulation glass fabrics

Electric insulation glass fabrics are proposed of different density from 24 to 400 g/sq.m. on textile sizing or finished and are designated for production of materials irreplaceable in production of blocks, panels, computer schemes, instruments, electric motor insulation and insulation of electric equipment units, electric circuits.

Glass fabric for production of foiled laminates and non-foiled dielectrics

Glass fabrics are used in production of foiled laminates from which one side, two sides and multilayer printed circuit boards are  proposed. Thanks to the unique properties of electric insulation glass fabrics the materials on their basis have high mechanical and electric insulation properties, are easily subjected to mechanical treatment by cutting, drilling and impact molding. Electric insulation glass fabrics are also designated for production of non-foiled dielectrics. High mechanical density and electrical stability allows to make mechanical processing of the material and use it for construction parts of electrical equipment. Glass reinforced plastic articles on the basis of electric insulation materials in electric insulation and mechanical properties exceed all the materials from organic fibers, can operate in conditions of high moisture, high temperature — up to 350°С.

Glass fabrics for production of flexible insulation.

Fine electric insulation glass fabrics are used for production of varnished glass fabrics, micanites, micaceous laminates and other micalike materials and flexible insulation. Materials on the basis of fine electric insulation glass fabrics are a laminated electric insulation material manufactured by the method of mechanical gluing of mica with glyptal, silicon-organic, oil-bitumen gluing varnish with further hot premoulding and have superb electric insulation properties, which have found wide application as an electric insulation material in electrical machinery, units of equipment and in power engineering in general. 




Thin glass fabrics: E1-24, E1-25, E1-35, E4-35, E1-62PM, E2-62, E2/1-80, E4/1-80, EС-38P, E(с) 4-40P, E1/1-100PM, E3/1-100PM, 771, 2116, 2165, 1080, Е-130, Е-160

Width from 90 to 150см
Flexible insulation jobs: micalike materials, micanits, micaceous laminate, varnished glass cloth.


Glass fabrics: E3-180PM, E3-400PM-T, 7628, 7637, 7642, E-280, E3-200

Width — 100 to 200 см, it is possible to produce with cutoff  glued edge.

It is possible to hemically treat them with Z6224 finish — a universal finish for interacting with
polyester, epoxy and phenol resins.

The production of glass fiber laminates and foil coated laminates for printed-circuit board.