Chopped Strand Mat

Composite industry is rapidly growing worldwide. Composites are used for such industries as defense industry, aviation, shipbuilding and car-building industry, transport machinery building, automotive industry, construction and others.

Assessing the prospects, JSC "Polotsk-Steklovolokno" goes hand in hand with the development of composite industry and implements a large investment project that is worth more than 27 billion belarussian rubles!

JSC “Polotsk-Steklovolokno” has started the production of a new material from E-glass – emulsion chopped strand mat. This project has given a possibility to launch the production of import-substituting material, which does not have analogues in the Republic of Belarus. The project involves an area, where the installation of modern high-performance automated production line from Technos a.s. Company has been carried out. The annual estimated capacity of the line - 6 000 tons per year. The first batches of a ready-made product have already found their prime consumers. Up to the present moment there have been no manufacturers of chopped strand mat in Belarus. Therefore it was imported for foreign currency in the quantity of 2000 tons/year. Due to the annual growth of the world composite market, chopped strand mat is a promising product with export potential. JSC "Polotsk-Steklovolokno" is not limited to the Belarusian market and plans to come out with this product in CIS and Europe.


Chopped strand mat is a non-woven cloth from chopped glass fiber of a regular distribution. JSC “Polotsk-Steklovolokno” offers the chopped strand mat with weight 300, 450, 600 g/m2 and width 125 cm (CSM 300(125), CSM 450(125), CSM 600(125) to its consumers.

Physical properties

The advantage of chopped strand mat usage is the simplicity of dealing with this material. Chopped strand mat is very comfortable to work with, since it can be stretched and can take all sorts of complex shapes because of the impregnation with the resin. It is characterized by good impregnating capacity with an unsaturated polyester resin and a good ability to remove air during the lamination process. The laminates produced from such mats are characterized by good resistance to atmospheric influences during a long time period. All in all the working process is less time-consuming and demanding.

Application areas

Chopped strand mat is used as reinforcing filler during the production of composite materials of different types of application. First of all it is used for such types of industry as shipbuilding, automotive industry, machine building, road building, construction, etc. The glass mats are the basis of such major products as the case of boats, yachts, cabins of vehicles, railcars. They are also used for the production of artificial stone, sanitary ware, euro fences, for the manufacture of banisters, waste containers; with their help it is possible to produce high-quality car tuning, etc.