RIZOLIN masterclass

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RIZOLIN - unbeatable solution for every roofing

Durable, reliable waterproofing.

Increases surface hardness.

Unique reflective power - enormous energy savings on cooling equipment.

Light Installation without the use of fire or other heat sources (this eliminates degradation of the material and surface).

Allows the use of an old surface, without its dismantling and liquidation.

Fire- and explosion-proof, any repairs without stopping the production process at the customer facility.

About Us

Founded in 1999 in the Czech Republic the company “Bonego” is based on a philosophy of reliable partnership, mutually beneficial cooperation, high-quality products and services which helps us to maintain good relations with our customers and business partners.

The core principles we rely on to guide our company:

  • interest parity of business participants
  • use of the leading developments and technologies, experience and knowledge of our business sphere

These principles guarantee us and our partners synergy while accomplishing common goals and interests. Become our valued partner and see for yourself!

We keep a close eye on the developments in the field of our business and the new or changing requirements in the market. We are always ready to listen and respond to any questions and recommendations for improvement of quality and increasing the product range, using of new technologies.

We aim at all times to provide our customers with a professional and efficient service and to meet any special need our customers may have.